Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Make Money Blogging [2019]

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We as bloggers invest a lot of time on our blogs.

Finding the right content, taking the efforts to research on that topic and the hard work to sit down and write an entire article.

It takes a lot of time and effort to produce content.

So why is not that we are not monetizing our blogs. We can earn money from blogging and take it as a return for our efforts.

So here is an article for how to make money with a blog for beginners.

In this guide, I have detailed all the possible ways a beginner can make money from his blog.

How Much Money Can You Make Blogging

After you have started blogging the important question that you might ask is if you can really make money blogging as a beginner.

The answer is a big YES!

Don’t take my word for it.

Here are some of the top bloggers who earn their daily bread just by blogging.

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Top bloggers earn in billions if you consider Arianna Huffington. The combined earnings of these 3 top richest bloggers are in billions of dollars.

Now that we have proof that blogging can earn money, let’s stay motivated and work towards earning money from blogging.

As this article is directed towards beginners to make money blogging lets not set unrealistic goals and focus on practical goals.

Set small goals and crush them. These top bloggers have spent years perfecting their blogging strategies.

Take motivation from them but don’t feel bad if initially, you don’t do as good as these market influencers.

Ready Your Blog For Making Money

Your blog won’t just make money because you want it to. There are certain aspects that turn visitors or readers into buyers.

Spending money is a serious task and customers go through a thousand thoughts before they decide to buy.

So give them enough reason for them to spend for you.

Here are a few things you MUST implement:

Fast Loading Websites

Studies show that consumers want the websites to load under 2 seconds, or else he switches over to the other options.

You surely don’t want that to happen because it takes a lot of effort to bring a reader onto your blog.

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As you can see over 40% readers will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds load.

Hence having a blog that loads fast is very important.

The important factors responsible for a fast loading website is web host and blog theme.

A Fast Web Host

Blog loading times greatly depends on the quality of the web host.

For blazing fast speeds and up to 20x faster loading times, I strongly recommend A2Hosting to beginners.

You can read more about A2Hosting here: A2hosting Review: Fast And Affordable Hosting For Beginners

A Fast Blog Theme

The efficiency of a blog theme depends on various factors such as if they use the latest template guidelines or if they have a properly structured data table.

So it is very crucial you select a theme that is lite yet power packed with features.

I would recommend you themes from mythemeshop.com

They have a huge collection of paid and free themes + plugins you will enjoy.

You must check out their directory.

Great Content + Eye-Catching Images

Even if you have the best of web hosting and the best-looking blog your blog won’t make money if it doesn’t have valuable content.

End of the day the reader is looking for content and anything else is just a bonus.

Do your research properly, acquire knowledge and then write an in-depth article. This way a visitor learns everything he wants to know from this single post. This will increase his brand loyalty towards you.

Quick Tips To Writing Great Content

  • Find content that your readers are interested in. Use social media platforms to identify trends. Alternatively, you can use Buzzsumo to find content that is being shared a lot.
  • Analyze the similar type of content that ranks high on Google. This will give you a template that you have to follow. Use a free tool from Neil Patel: Ubersuggest
  • Dig deep and find all the information that is related to your post.
  • Get creative and present it in an easy to understand method.

Eye-Catching Images

Sometimes words are not enough and images help us convey our messages in a better way.

And images increases the overall engagement rates. Also, they are like the eye candy that attracts the reader’s attention and keeps them interested.

So, create images, infographics, feature images, graphs, etc that will help you grab the readers attention.

This reader then converts into a lead and then you can earn money by blogging even as a beginner.

My favourite sources of free stock images and icons:

  • Pixabay
  • Unsplash
  • KissPNG
  • FlatIcons – for Icons

Subscription Forms

When the website is ready for visitors you need to start building your email list. Add subscription forms to your pages to collect visitor’s contact details. Send out newsletters and drip email campaigns to your subscribers to increase engagement and make them visit your website again and again and watch your traffic and conversions grow.

Ways To Make Money Blogging

Now that we have prepared our blog we are all set to learn the ways a beginner can money blogging.

There are several ways a blogger can earn money.

But in this guide, I will be concentrating on ways that are helpful for beginners to get approval and stuff like that.

So get set go,

#1 Adsense – Perfect For Beginners

Adsense is probably the first thing that every blogger thinks about when wants to make money.

Adsense is a CPC – Cost Per Click type of advertising, where a blogger gets paid for the number of clicks he gets on the banners.

However, Adsense requires approval for your website. It takes up to a week to get fully approved.

There is a certain criteria that Adsense follows.

Here is a checklist you can download before you submit your blog for approval.

Download FREE Checklist to get blog approved for Adsense: Click Here

Be patient as the approval takes time.

And if unfortunately, your blog fails to get approved, you can improve the lackings that are listed in the Adsense failed approval e-mail.

You can try for Adsense alternates. Here are the top 3 trusted alternatives for Adsense,

  • Media.net
  • Bidvertiser
  • Propeller Ads

These ad networks also full fill the same purpose as that of Adsense. So if not Adsense try these Ad networks to make money blogging.

#2 Affilaite Marketing – Most Profitable

Think about the real estate market. If a buy a house through a broker, the broker gets paid via commissions. Affiliate marketing is similar where you are the broker.

Here is a simple diagram to understand Affiliate Marketing,

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So the summary here is that you make money when a customer buys a product through your link.

It doesn’t seem as easy it looks here.

The first problem is finding the right products.

Luckily there are affiliate programs where they have a list of products you can chose from according to your niche.

Here are a some of the best affiliate programs you can try:

  1. Amazon Affilate Program
  2. Peerfly
  3. MaxBounty
  4. ClickBank
  5. CJ Affiliate Program
  6. ShareASale

#3 Sell Adspace – Needs Traffic

Remember even if you are blogging since 6 months you are still a beginner because dominating the Google search takes time. Its all about patience and hardwork.

Within 6 months you are getting considerable traffic and you can use this traffic for earning money from your blog. You can then target brands and sell ad spaces on your blogs.

The best places to advertise are next to the logo, the sidebar and before & after the post content.

The best way to sell is via BuySellAds

The biggest advantage of using BuySellAds is that you are placed in a market place where Advertisers come looking for adspots.

This gives you huge exposure and your chances of earning money are huge.

This how the listing looks like,

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However BuySellAds charges 25% commission rates and the remaining 75% is transfered to your account.

But for the exposure + the features they provide its totally worth it.

Apply for BuySellAds today!

BuySellAds has a strict moderation requirement. If you are rejected you can apply to Adclerks. Its the best alternate Ad network after BuySellAds.

You can set up own Advetise Us page and not use any adnetwork, Instead you can sell it directly and keep 100% of the fees.

But I do not recommend this method because as a beginner we need the exposure that the big Adnetworks gives us.

#4 Sell Your Own Products – Hardwork But Profitable

You have started a blog and you have deep knowledge in your niche.

So why not create a products which your readers will love and learn a lot from.

Here is a list of popular products that top bloggers create that earn them huge amounts of money,

A) Create Your Own eBook

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You are a blogger. Sure you can write a detailed post. So why not write an ebook.

Writting a eBook needs a deeper research and requires to grind.

Its not easy but if you have something valueable to give out to the community, they will buy.

This article from Hubspot will help you write an eBook

Once you finsih writing an eBook you can sell it on your WordPress blog using Easy Digital Downloads

Or you can publish it on the Amazon platform.

B) Sell Online Courses

Its the hotest thing in 2019! Online courses are selling like hot cakes.

You can start making your own tutorials and sell them on your blog.

Create pdf files, convert your posts into videos and sell online courses.

You can sell online courses via the following methods,

  1. Udemy
  2. Teachable

You can use either of these services and you should be good to go.

C) Create A Membership Site

You can combine all your eBooks and online courses and give it to exclusive members of your blog.

Get paid monthly or yearly and provide them with all the premium stuff.

There are several WordPress plugins with which you can easily convert into a membership website.

Here is a top list of plugins which will help you create a members site.

  1. Ultimate Membership Pro
  2. MemberPress
  3. LearnDash

How To Receive Blogging Payments

So now that we have stated the various methods for you to start blogging, its time to learn how to receive your payments.

There are various services that enable you to receive money, but over the years I have sorted out the best among them.

It’s a good idea to create an account in all these to ease the money  flow from clients.

Here are the servies that I personally use:


Internet is huge! There are several methods to earn money. But as a beginner let’s concentrate on one way at a time.

It takes time to settle, but once you get paid your first check, you get the motivation for a lifetime.

Once you start getting visitors it is also important to concentrate on WordPress security. So I recommend you reading this article:

So go out there and work hard, get those results and contribute to the community.

Let me know in the comments below about your money making strategy and let’s grow together.

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