Beginners Guide To Start A Blog In 2020

Have you been curious about how you would start a website where you can write your content?

Have you ever wished you could have an audience that follows and appreciates your blog?

If the answers are yes to all those questions this detailed post on how to start a blog is for you. I have explained each step on how to start a blog step by step for 2019.

This post will help you start your blog in WordPress with step by step instructions. Starting a blog is one thing and then having an intent to monetize the blog is one thing.

So I have made sure I have laid down all the steps in an easy to understand language. This is a post for absolute beginners where I will guide you step by step to start a successful blog.

BONUS: I have also explained a few basic terms that are required for blogging. This will help you immensely in understanding the basics of blogging.

So let’s begin with what is a blog and why you need to start a blog in 2019 specifically.

What Is A Blog?

Definition of a blogA regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

In a simpler term, it means a blog is a website or a webpage where people share information in an informal way. This also puts a personal touch to an article and visitors to the site feel connected. This is the main reason why blogging has grown so much in the past few years, for the simple fact that a blogger and his visitors are being connected on a personal level and with time they both trust each other.

Blog Structure Explained.

There are several themes and styling possibilities for your blog. However, one thing that every blog will have in common is the structure. It’s a structure that search engines like Google likes. This helps the bloggers to get more traffic (visitors or readers). The more the readers more are the chances of a blogger earning.

So here is the structure,

  • Header- Contains blog name, description, and a navigation bar
  • Content Area- The main article that has headings, text, links, and images.
  • Sidebar- Advertisement banners, social media links, etc
  • Footer- Relevant links (privacy, disclosure, etc) and sometimes widgets.
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Difference Between Blog / Website

The main difference is the purpose both are designed for.

A website is a generic term that is used for any entity that is hosted online. Blogs, e-commerce websites come under this term. However, websites are built for specific goals such as informing the reader about a product or a business.

On the other hand, a blog is a website built for writing content on targeted niches. (NICHE: Specific categories example: fishing)

So a blogger (the person who is writing content for his blog) has in-depth knowledge about his category writes content which helps out beginners or readers who have doubts or want to know about this topic.

Why Start A Blog?

Now that we have stated what a blog is, lets now get into the reason why we need to launch a blog.

From my 10+ years, experience in blogging here’s what blogging has helped me tremendously to grow as an individual.

And I have compiled 3 solid reasons why you should blog. Starting a blog after reading this should be an instant decision. So let’s start with the reasons.

#1 You Grow As An Individual

As you get deeper into blogging, you realize there is so much to it. Just writing content is not enough. You have to start designing images, protome your posts, come up with creative ideas and so much more.

Because of blogging, I have learned Photoshop, 3 major coding languages HTML, CSS & Javascript.I have also learned the basics of PHP which has helped me code my own WordPress theme from scratch without using drag and drop builders.

So blogging has helped me grow my knowledge and it has helped me tremendously to grow as an individual. And I am pretty sure the same will happen with you as you get deeper into blogging.

#2 Helping The Society

With BloggingWand my aim to extend the knowledge I have gained about to blogging to the people in a simpler way.

You can do the same, for example, you are a doctor and once you have started a blog you can help prevent readers from taking medicines according to google and go see a doctor. A carpenter can share his skills and help build a reader his own table/chair at a much lower cost.

Blogging has really helped people across various streams.In fact I consider instant and in-depth answers to a reader’s questions.

Helping society does give you a sense of satisfaction. So happy blogging 🙂

#3 Earn Money, LOTS OF IT!

Probably the most attractive of the three reasons of starting a blog :p

What if I told you can earn money just by writing content and then monetizing it. There are several ways of earning money through your blog. I won’t be going into depth, but surely one day a post will be posted on this topic. Make sure you follow our Twitter page so as not to miss any updates.

Major Earning Sources For A Blog:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Google Adsense
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Selling courses

Here is a complete guide to making money blogging.

These are the top-earning ways on a blog. Once you have started getting a decent amount of traffic you have the potential to earn a good amount of cash.

So get started with blogging in 2019 itself and be immensely dedicated towards it.

Let’s Start A Blog

Now that we have discussed what is a blog and why you should START BLOGGING IMMEDIATELY, it’s time we launch a blog.

So launching a blog has various stages, each will be discussed in a detailed manner. Make sure all the steps are followed carefully as the consequences of this will be faced for a long time.

These stages are proven methods of starting a successful blog, so make sure you are paying attention to each word.

Stages Of Starting A Blog,

As discussed earlier, these stages are important along with the order they are written in.

  1. Select A Niche
  2. Buy Hosting & Domain
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Select A Theme
  5. Start Writing

Select A Niche

This is the most important part of blogging. You have to select a niche (category) that you have a passion for. Even if you are not up to the mark with the technical part, you can always learn from the internet. However, if you choose a category that you have no passion for, slowly the motivation dies and so does the blog with it.

But passion is not the only thing you need to think about before selecting a blog. The niche that you select has to behave a decent amount of demand in the market or Google.

So what you can do is a simple search on Google Trends.

Here, we have taken an example for a term: blogging,

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As you can clearly see the trend is going up and hence it is a good topic to blog about. It shows that people have an interest in your topic. Hence getting traffic to your blog will be fairly easy compared to a topic that has a declining trend.

Select A Domain Name

Once you have selected a niche, its time you give your blog an identity on the internet.

Domain is basically an address that readers use to reach your blog.For example: Bloggingwand.com

So whatever name you have in mind, let’s check if it’s available for us to register.To do so simply head over to Namechk.com

Here you can search for any name and if its available you can register it.

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Here for example we have used arandomnamecheck, you can register it for all other extensions apart from .co


Because our hosting plan has a domain available for a lifetime for FREE !!!

Select A Web Host

Webhost is like a hard drive which stores all blog data, the difference is that this data is available online.

Now the web host I would recommend is A2HOSTING

You can read about in depth about why A2Hosting is the recommended host for beginners.

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The pricing is very flexible and makes it very affordable for newbies or those who are just looking to start a blog.

Here is the pricing,

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As you can see the pricing is very affordable.As a blogger I suggest you go for the Value Pack as it has everything a blogger needs plus a FREE DOMAIN FOR LIFETIME !!

How To Setup WebHost?

STEP 1:  Click on this link to get 51% discount.

STEP 2:  Select the SWIFT PACK and click on Get Swift button

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STEP 3:  Enter the domain name that we selected in the previous step. Click on the Check button and proceed.

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STEP 4: After you have entered all your details, do not select any extra services and straight look for the coupons section, enter the code SOFAST! This will give for a flat 51% discount.

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STEP 5: Simply complete the payment and you are set.

Blog Content Management System

This is a system which manages all the data so that you only concentrate on writing content.

So for CMS, we will be choosing WORDPRESS.

Why you ask!

According to reports for 2018 WordPress is being used on 30% of all the websites on the internet.

What Makes WordPress The Best?

  • WordPress is perfect for beginners as it is very easy to use.
  • It has an active community that are ready to help out.
  • There are millions of options to customize your blog
  • WordPress offers very millions if not billions of plugins to make your everyday tasks easier.
  • WordPress installation is 1 click and takes less than 5 minutes of setting up.

So as soon as you have bought hosting with a domain you can go to the CPANEL and install WordPress.

If you need any help to refer to this article on how to install WordPress

Select A Theme

We have successfully started a blog.

Now we have to select a theme, install plugins and start writing content.

For free and premium themes, you can check out Mythemeshop

A theme should have the following thing:

  • Should be visually attractive
  • Must have all the required features built in.
  • SEO optimized
  • Should be easy to customize
  • Adsense optimized

A theme that has everything built in I found is: Yosemite

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It’s visually appealing and surely catches the readers attention.

Yosemite is perfect for bloggers who have just begun and suits all kinds of niche.

Go ahead check out Yosemite today!

Get, Set, Go!

Everything is in its place now. The only thing left now is for you to start writing.

Write great content that helps the community and see your blog grow.

But I must admit writing great content isn’t easy and it’s not the only thing that guarantees your success. There are several other things that cannot be covered in this post.

To make yourself great at blogging you must never stop learning.

Here is a 10 days course on how to start a blog and how to earn from it. And yes it’s FREE!

Click here to join the course

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    I find that hosting and such is so complicated, with security and maintenance… I started my blog with Wix because of it, however, now I understand how limitative it is…

  2. This is such an awesome resource. Blogging is a tough game to get into. On the outside, it seems simple, but actually putting your blog together can be difficult if you’ve never done it before.

  3. This is some very great information. Having a good, high functioning website is so important to your business.

  4. You have covered all of the basics and then some for starting a blog in 2019. I know I started my first blog in 2008 and sold it in 2016. Times have changed, even with the newest blogs I have that started in the last couple of years, I’ve noticed a huge difference in best practices to start a blog. I’m thankful you shared this resource.

  5. We do everything you suggested but we don’t make much revenue from affiliate links… do you have any tips to help improve conversion? Thanks!

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    This is a very good resource. I have a friend who had a CVA and is now unable to return to her regular job. She said she wanted to start a blog to raise awareness on certain life changing illnesses. I will send her the link to this post. This is going to help her get started.

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