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All the bloggers out there have only one thing in mind, i.e. will they be able to connect with
their audience and pass the message effectively? After all, the aim of a blog is to make a
connection with the audience and spark an interest in them to follow your blog.

In this article, I will share and discuss a few essential lessons which should be kept in mind while
writing a successful blog that users love.

Connect With Your Audience

The first and foremost pre-requisite of a blog should be making a connection with the audience.

If your write-up is not able to communicate with the audience, your readers will not be able to have a connection with you and will lose interest in the blog.

Going ahead, they will not sign-up for your email list, or buy your product/service, or will ever want to visit your blog again.

If your content is strong and thought-provoking, the reader will immediately feel a connection and out of nature, will reply or comment on your posts, and might as well let you know how much they liked reading it.

Once a connection with the audience is made, there will be no looking back. Hence always focus on delivering high quality content.

Loading Time of the Website

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If your website takes more than 3 secs to load, you are most likely to lose a potential customer.

The speed with which the website loads matters a lot in catching the reader’s attention. A slow website will make him/her lose interest, which in turn will decrease engagement and conversions. A page that loads fast will enhance sales, conversion rates, and marketing.

It will attract more traffic and provide qualified leads.

The loading time has very little to do with the web design, optimizing, compressing, and caching. It greatly depends on the web-host you are using.

You require an efficient host to enhance the performance of your website and make it fast. The performance of your website depends on the web-host, thus a quality hosting is crucial.

A2Hosting is considered the best and it’s been in the market since 2001. Their uptime is superb and has efficient customer support. If you face any issues you can ask for a refund for the unused time or the time you lost. Their shared plans have a free SSL certificate and one free migration.

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As you can see from the above screenshot, A2Hosting is superfast!

We use it for all our affiliate blogs and must say the loading speed has been just superb.

Here are a few features that would hopefully help you in making a decision:

  • A2hosting uses SSD for faster loading times
  • A FREE SSL certificate for google trust factor
  • Your money is safe with 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Be assured of 24/7 customer care service
  • Get an expert migration team to migrate your blog from other hosts for FREE
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Get Cpanel access for free
  • Free HackScan Protection to secure your WordPress Blog

Read more about A2Hosting – A2Hosting Review: Fast And Affordable Hosting For Beginners

Unique Blog Look

The first look of your site will have a strong impact on the visitor. You should use a high-quality and customized theme to show your brand or services. Hiring a designer to customize the website and design can cost a fortune. Hence using premium themes that are affordable is the best way forward.

As it is rightly said – The first impression is the last impression, and the first impression of your blog will influence the reader to a great extent.

Researchers found that the users look at the logo, menu, images, and social media icons before shifting to the next section. Choosing a simple and meaningful theme is very essential. Choosing a theme needs no coding or technical knowledge. Your theme should suit your content so that it looks exactly the way you wish it to look.

There are some powerful and useful add-ons like Astra Pro for Astra WordPress theme. This theme is SEO friendly and lightweight thus takes seconds to load. You will be easily able to customize your website in a very different and unique manner without even changing any coding.

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Astra Pro has many advanced features that help you in the customization and designing your website in the way you wish to and not stick to what the theme offers you.

The best part is Astra WordPress theme is free of cost, thus without burning a hole in your pockets, it helps you in designing your blog which will be loved by your readers.

Table of Contents

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Content and SEO go hand in hand and both help in getting good ranking for a website or a blog. Table of Contents is an essential part of SEO and Content Writing, as it is the list of headings or topics and subtopics that are covered in the blog.

It has the topic’s link and the title on the same page, i.e. clicking on the link will land you on the page of the selected blog, or a particular section or sub-topic.

TOC is also a smart way to display all the topics and sub-topics of the blog, as it aids Google in determining the blog and show the result in Google’s Featured Snippet Results.

There is a TOI widget by Elementor, which enhances user experience and accessibility. It is a customizable widget and makes it simple to make your content accessible.

Writing Researched Content

Once you have directed the user to your content, make sure it is worth reading. It should be compelling and informative as it will make or break your audience. It takes a lot of effort to write and research content so make it worth the effort, for your as well as the reader’s part.

Your write-up should be of superb quality so that you are way ahead of your competitors. Do extensive research on the topic before writing and make sure your blog looks original. More unique, relevant, and well-investigated content, more content the audience will be.

It is important to know about your audience and write the relevant content. Try doing keyword research to look for important information.

You can use the Reddit as it consists of impressive new content ideas for your blog.

Quora is another fantastic tool that is helpful in writing exciting blog posts.
Look at the reasons why you need Quora:

  • Gives exposure to more than 7,00,000 monthly visitors
  • It helps in building expertise and command n the selected topic
  • It helps in learning from customers, users, and industry experts
  • You should consider – length of the content, visuals, social media links, etc. to make your blog competitive and appealing to the readers.

Build An Engaging Community

Good blogs should be engaging and must spark interest in the readers. It is imperative to a blog that generates a conversation among the readers and becomes a topic of discussion among them. You should always ask for the reader’s thoughts, opinions, and comments by adding a call-to-action feature at the end of each article.

It is advised to prepare a list of subscribers so that they get weekly or monthly emails or alerts about your blogs. Your emails or newsletters should contain the purpose of the blog so that the people know what is the intent of your blog.

Newsletters have a lot of advantages because a poor blog will make the reader never come back to your post. This is a very good practice which you must follow to make your blogs popular and likable.

The main issue is that no matter how many efforts you put in a blog, a lot of traffic will pass through it, either via a website, a search engine, some other blog, or a social media site. But, unfortunately, they stay there only for a few minutes and just move on.

In today’s competitive world, you have to search your own unique way to keep the visitors hooked to your blog. The reason is not that you did not make enough effort, but they simply forget and do not get any motivation of being reminded of your blog.

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Preparing an extensive email list for the bloggers is vital in attracting the appropriate audience. On an average every subscriber is worth 40$.

You can use Convert Kit, which is an email marketing service, which helps in gathering emails and sending periodic newsletters to the subscribers. It is a user-friendly and efficient platform for bloggers.


Once readers start reading your blog, make sure you are consistent with posting blogs. For example, follow a strict posting schedule like weekly or monthly and fix a day for the same.

This way the targeted and interested audience will know when to expect a blog form you and what to expect in its content.

Readers who enjoy and love reading your blogs will wait for your newsletters and even promote your blogs to fellow readers.

Use Social Media

Make good use of social media to promote and make your blog accessible to maximum readers. Share your content on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., and engage the readers.

A majority of the people are on social media these days and bringing more visitors to your blog is easiest with the help of social media.

Once you have established yourself, you will see readers regularly visiting your blogs and waiting to read your posts.


I am sure the above points will be helpful for my fellow-bloggers and help them in writing attractive, informative, and high-quality blogs. As said before, always focus on the issue you are discussing in your blog and provide relevant data that is unique and original.

Your content and quality of writing should give good reasons for the readers to regularly visit your blogs and follow your newsletters/email alerts.

Once you have established a set of audience, they will always look up to your posts and even help in promoting them. If you can touch the reader’s heart and mind, they will start loving your blog!

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