Honest Review: Keyword Research Made Easy eBook By Anil Agarwal

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Are you struggling to find keywords that give you traffic?
Or the term keyword research itself is a big mystery?
Is it becoming difficult to continue blogging because of no traffic?
If the answer to any of those questions above is “YES”, then you are in a treat.

Anil Agarwal from Bloggers Passion has come up with a superhit ebook “Keyword Research Made Easy”.
In today’s post, we will review this keyword research ebook.“Keyword Research Made Easy” ebook review is based on my understanding of the eBook along with the top bloggers that have given their reviews.

Who Is Anil Agarwal – Author

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First and foremost he is one of my mentors who I look up to and I am sure for all the budding bloggers in India and all around the world.
If you are in the world of blogging, it’s highly unlikely you have not heard about Anil Agarwal.

But for those who don’t know about Anil here is a small brief about him.
He is the author of this great ebook “Keyword Research Made Easy”.
Anil Agarwal is a full-time blogger from Gurgaon, India.

He started his blogging journey in 2010 via Bloggers Passion and hasn’t looked back since.
Anil holds a master’s degree in computers and is very knowledgeable.

He has been blogging since 2010, hence the practical experience he has is unparalleled.
Keyword Research is a very tricky topic and very hard to master.
But Anil Agarwal through his ebook has made it very easy to implement a proven method for finding profitable keywords.

About “Keyword Research Made Easy” eBook

The Keyword Research Made Easy ebook is a well-compiled ebook that teaches you this complicated topic with ease.

It is an ultimate ebook to help you find thousands of profitable keywords with a proven step by step guide mentioned in the eBook.

This Keyword Research Made Easy ebook will teach you the following things,

  1. How to “find profitable keywords in any niche”
  2. Find keywords with “search intent
  3. How to mine keywords with low competition so that you can rank higher easily.

As you can see, the ebook covers almost all the crucial parts of keywords research.

But the concept of keyword research has been explained in many more topics. Right from the basics to the complicated steps of finding low competition but high volume

When I started writing this review, more than 175 copies have been sold,

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Anil Agarwal has a huge following and hence the numbers. You can imagine the craze for this ebook when a guy with 10 years of experience shares his knowledge on such an important topic.

Here is a sneak peek into the “Keywords Research Made Easy” ebook,

Following are the topics covered in the ebook,

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Don’t miss out on this great ebook at it costs only ₹499/- (50% off).

Along with the eBook, you also get access to a free keyword research checklist.

Go ahead take the plunge, you won’t regret it.

Why Do You Need To Learn Keyword Research?

The hard cold truth is if you write the best post ever on a topic that one no searches for, your blog won’t get enough traffic and won’t generate revenue.

Every successful blog or an SEO campaign needs in-depth keyword research and analysis.

The best way to generate more leads and sales is via keyword research.

If you target the right set of keywords for the selected product, you could rank higher on Google and earn thousands of dollars only via organic traffic.

If you are just getting started with keyword research, I highly recommend this ebook as it will help you understand the basics of the process of keyword research.

You get detailed information on what the various metrics of keyword research actually mean.

What Others Say?

An eBook explaining a tough topic like keyword research in such a simplistic manner is bound to get good reviews from its readers.

Personally for me, even after blogging for a good ten years, this keyword research ebook has helped me finance my skills.

But don’t take my word for it,

Here are a few testimonials from the top bloggers and experts in their own niches,

If you still feel its enough to decide whether or not to buy this keyword research ebook, check out the reviews actual readers who have bought the ebook have said,

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I hope you find these reviews useful in making a decision of buying this super awesome eBook.

Unique Things About The eBook

  1. PRICE:
    Literally for ₹499/- you are getting an abundance of knowledge about keyword research. The ebook contains a proven method to keep churning out thousands of profitable keywords. In ₹499/- it is next to impossible to get such a structured and well-documented information on keyword research.
    The book is written and structured in such a manner that a blogger who has just started blogging can easily follow the steps. The way the important keyword metrics are explained is easy to understand and grasp. A complete novice can start reading this eBook and he will have a firm grip over what keyword research is all about. You can immediately get to work.
    Probably the most unique thing about the ebook is that Anil has actually designated chapters on how to use advanced tools like SemRush to dig out profitable keywords. With step by step instructions on how to set up filters, you can easily get thousands of popular. With these step by step guides, you know exactly which keywords you need to look out for.

Bonus – Free Keyword Research Checklist

As if the eBook itself wasn’t enough, Anil Agarwal has been kind enough to attach a keyword research checklist.

This checklist gives you an ideal platform to start your keyword research.

The checklist is DIY i.e you can’t just download it.

You have to build one yourself with a template that Anil will provide in this ebook.

This way you a whole list of keywords with the associated metrics next to the keyword in a simple spreadsheet.


The Keyword Research Made Easy eBook is an all in one guide for bloggers to learn keyword research in detail.

The ebook comes with practical examples to help you understand the metrics better.

The step by step instructions will also help you find profitable long-tail keywords in any niche.

It is perfect for digital marketers,bloggers, affiliate marketers and web designers.

>>Grab the book for ₹499/- only <<


If you are wanting to increase your organic traffic, targeting the right keywords is important.

Keywords with a high volume will have significant competition.

But at the same time, you wouldn’t want to target keywords that have a very low search volume or the CPC is really low.

Anil Agarwal through his eBook Keyword Research Made Easy teaches us a proven way to find thousands of profitable keywords with ease.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity and grab the ebook for Rs499/- only.

If you have any doubts regarding the ebook, be sure to comment below.

Happy Blogging 🙂

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