Definitive Guide To Writing Powerful Blog Post Titles

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Blog post titles are very important.

A really good blog post title will gain you a lot of readers.

The importance of a good blog post title cannot be stressed enough. Afterall who cares about the blog post content if no one clicks on it

If blog post content is what keeps the readers in your blog, it is the blog post title that brings them on your blog the first place.

This is a complete and definitive guide to writing catchy blog post title. In this guide, we will share some of the top copywriting post title tips along with some of the best examples of great headlines that get you more readers.

Why You Need A Powerful Blog Post Title

According to the metrics available on the net, if 10 visitors see your blog title 8/10 people will first read the title and only 2/10 people will read the article.

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Hence writing a blog post title that grabs eyeballs is very necessary.

Getting traffic as it is tough, keeping them engaged via good blog post title on your blog shouldn’t be that tough. (But it is)

Luckily there are few tips and tricks to write a blog post title that works. Rather than doing your own trial and error method, I have collected tips from all across the internet and presented in an easy to understand manner.

Also are some methods that I use on a personal level.

I will cover each and every aspect of writing a killer blog post title in this post.

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Types Of Blog Post Titles That Work

There are an en numerable amount of blog headline types. It can really be a task to come up with the most appropriate blog headline when you just start a blog.

It is always a better idea to finish the content and than think about the most powerful blog headline for that article.

So here are types of blog headlines that can help you understand which blog headline really suits your blog post.

#1 Guide Type Headline

This blog headline suggests that the article is related to guiding him in a certain topic.

You can see Backlinko.com often uses this type of headlines.

Example Blog Headline:

“Conversion Rate Optimization: The Definitive Guide”

#2 List Type Headlines

List type headlines have a very high chance of the readers clicking on the link.

This headline suggests that the blog post has a list of certain things point-vise.

Example Blog Headline:

“10 Ways You Can Help Victims Of Cyclone Fani In Odisha Right Now”

#3 “How To” Type Headlines

These blog headlines are similar to the guide headlines however these are more specific to a sub topic. (most of the times).

Example Post Title:

“How To Format A Hard Disk?”

#4 “W” Question Type Headlines

Headlines that begin with the W questions like who, what , when are the head lines that answer to the questions of the public.

Very similar to “How To” type headline. But the “w” question type headlines cover a wide variety of questions.

Example Post Title:

“When Is the Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2019? “

#5 “X vs Y” Type Headlines

This is the type of headline that will helps the readers chose between 2 products or services.

These headlines are very beneficial for affiliate marketers, because it can help you target 2 products and compare then side by side.

Example Post Title:

“SemRush Vs Ahref – Main Features Compared”

There are many types of blog post titles you can chose. But these are the among the best that readers use for searching on google.

Tips To Write Eye-Catching Blog Headlines

The main purpose of a good post title is to catch the readers attention.

Once you have the readers attention you can then convert that reader into a paying customer or a lead through affiliate marketing.

So here are a few tricks to make sure your blog post titles catch the readers eye and you are able to answer your question of how to write catchy blog post titles.

A) Use Numbers In Your Blog Posts

Numbers are everywhere and they are connected to us in everything. The human mind is addicted to numbers. This makes the use of numbers in our blog post titles more engaging.

Adding numbers to our blog post title increases the social engagement levels by a whooping 73%!!

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And a few examples from the top bloggers who dominate the SEO space:

To include numbers in your post title use study data which is available on the internet or do your own research. You can also use numbers to use the number of ways a certain thing can be done.

Be creative and use numbers well. It has a great impact on your conversions.

B) Use Brackets In Your Blog Post Titles

Creating eye-catching blog post titles is all about tricking the human mind. With unusual characters in the post title, the reader spends an extra 1 sec to analyze the brackets.

This gives your blog post a good chance of being read.

A study done by hubspot reveals that posts with brackets perform 38% better than headlines without them.

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Use brackets for showing that you have a bonus included in the article, the post title would look like this:

Example: How To Do SEO The Right Way [ SEO Checklist Included ]

Another way you can use brackets is to indicate that its an updated article by using the year in the bracket

Example: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Make Money Blogging [2019]

C) Use Emotions In Your Blog Post Title

The blog post titles used in this type are literally irresistible.

They connect with your readers and are very hard to ignore.

Check-out this study done by Andragogy about the choice of words a speaker has to use to for a emotional connect.

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Using an emotive language is being very persuasive.

But be careful overuse of this kills the overall effect and the reader might never return.

The best example to support this post title is,

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This is an perfect example of a headline that reaches out emotionally, you can’t help but click on it.

This article headline is targeting readers who are connected to the dating niche but emotionally.

Can’t get better than that!!

D) Use Of Adjectives In The Blog Post Title

Describing your post in one word in a blog post title gives the readers a sense of excitement.

This helps in increasing the conversion rates.

Here a few adjectives that you MUST include in your blog post titles.

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Kulwant Nagi from Bloggingcage has written a complete article listing catchy post titles words you can use. Check out the article here.

For example you can checkout the post title of this post itself,

Example: “Definitive Guide To Writing Powerful Blog Post Titles”

In this post title I have used two adjectives, definitive and powerful .

Both these adjectives help me convey the message of it being the only guide they will ever need to write a powerful blog post title.

E) Use Of Negative Words

Negative words have shown to increase the share counts of a blog post.

Here is the list of a few negative words you can use:

  • NO
  • STOP
  • DO NOT
  • FAIL

Here’s an example of the use of negative words in a blog post title,

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So start leveraging the power of negative words in your blog post title and see the difference in the the conversion rates!

Optimize Blog Post Title For SEO

We are done making our blog post title catchy, but does Google love our blog post title?

To make sure our blog post titles are not only catchy but also SEO optimized, here a few tips and tricks to do so

Use H1 tag for blog post title

There are three important heading tags that we use constantly in our blogs. H1, H2, H3

These tags are very important because google crawls the blog content in order of the tags that we assign to the post titles.

So for the most effective optimization use <H1> tags for the blog post title.

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Mention Primary Keywords In Blog Post Title

The single most important factor in ranking a post title is using your primary keyword in your blog post title.

BloggersPassion is one of my favorite blogs to read. So I often analyze it to study the way this popular blog goes about its business.

A simple search done in Ubersuggest, reveals how Anil Agarwal uses his primary keywords in his post title,

Here’s a screenshot,

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As you can see all the top pages ranked have the primary keywords in the blog post title.

So its no secret that you should be doing be the same.

It’s a very basic tactic for on-page SEO and you MUST follow it.

Do Keyword Research The Right Way

Finding the right keyword is tough.

After Google Keywords decided to put a range in stead of specific numbers for its metrics, it was necesarry to find the perfect alternative.

The answer is SemRush.

SemRush KeyWord Magic Tool not only gives you the metrics but also gives you suggestions that are related to your topic.

Try out SemRush for FREE with my exclusive link,

Pay Attention To Character Count

Before going into this topic look and this screenshot and see if you can figure out the difference.

Were you able to figure it out?

If yes that’s great, if not don’t worry I got you covered.

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If you figured it out, GREAT

But if you haven’t don’t worry, I have got your back πŸ™‚

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As you can see Google cuts of the blog post title when it exceed a certain number of character count.

And after doing a study on this topic, it can said with certainty that Google cuts off your blog post title when it exceeds a character count of 65.

You can use this combination to do your own site search on google,

site:www.website.com *keyword*

Replace www.website.com with your blog url and replace keyword with the keyword used in your blog post that you want to examine.

This small examination will show you exactly how your blog post titles will look like in Google search results.

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This is how it will look.

Examine it and then alter the character count so that Google doesn’t cut it off.

Limit The Word Count

The harsh truth is readers don’t really read.

They SCAN!

So the shorter it is, the better chances of the reader clicking your blog post title.

They have less to read and the information gets to them quicker.

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The ideal number of words in the post title is six.

Keep it short but don’t forget to include the primary keywords in the blog post title.

Do A/B testing With Twitter

Just like A/B testing is used in facebook and other ads platform, we can use A/B testing to see which blog post title performs better.

To do so use Twitter as your tool.

Send out two different tweets – one in the morning and one in the evening.

Both promoting the same article but using different post titles.

Give it 24 hours and see which the analytics to decide which article post title performs better.

Here is a side by side A/B testing of post title.

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Image Source – Social Media Examiner

Number of clicks is important to us !

It shows us which headline grabbed the most eyes.

So do your very own A/B testing. Surely it won’t work out every time but its worth the shot.

Especially for the pillar contents of your blog.

Importance Of Sub Headings

Sub Headings are just as important as the blog post title.

WordPress usually assigns <H3> and <H4> tags to them. Google picks them up and the lucky ones are shown on the search result page.

To get the most relevant sub-headings use this Google Images trick.

Suppose I am writing an article on organic foods,

Do a Google image search and look for these,

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Now use the most relevant suggestions in the format given below,

“suggestion” + primary keyword

So as an example if we were to chose expensive, the outcome would be like this,

expensive organic foods

This helps you find out exactly what users are searching for related to your blog post.

It can help you achieve the 0 position i.e Google snippet

Here’s an example of what I am trying to show,

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As you can see Google picks up the sub-heading and shows it in the snippet.

So its very important to use relevant keywords in the sub-headings.

You can also use SemRush to suggest you related keywords. You can use the data given to find out which sub-headings are most searched for.

Tools To Help You Write A Perfect Blog Title

To help you write a catchy blog post title I can suggest a few tools.

These tools can help you automate the process for you.

Blog Post Title Generator Tool

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SeoPressor brings you this blog title generator.

You simply have to write your keyword and chose the kind of term it is.

It then shows you a list of blog post headlines that you can chose from. Take your time and select the best one πŸ™‚

Blog Headline Analyzer Tool

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This blog headline analyzer scores your headline out of 100. It also suggests you the changes you can make.

A very useful tool to analyze your blog post title.

Do check it out.

Grammarly – Proof Reading

Blog headlines are the first thing that your reader see’s .

So you want to make sure your blog headline doesn’t have any silly grammar mistakes or you have made grammatical errors.

Grammarly Will Save You

Grammarly will run in the background and check every word and sentence you write for spellings and for grammar.

You can use Grammarly everywhere, on your desktop,tablet or your mobile phone.

It’s everywhere!

The best part of Grammarly is that it is FREE !

Viral Post Title Formula

After analyzing tons of successful blog post title, the common things that make them successful became clear.

I formulated a formula you can use to write your blog post titles

Here’s the formula,

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“Number / Trigger Word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise”

Let’s take an example

23 Unbelievable Ways To Stop Eating At Night

This is a perfect example of a blog headline that includes:

  • Number – 23
  • Adjective – Unbelievable
  • Keyword – Stop Eating At Night
  • Promise – It promises the reader to stop eating at night.

So do try out the formula and come with viral blog post titles!

Mistakes You Should Avoid

I hope this article so far has given you the required data to formulate your blog post title.

Even after reading this article I want to you to avoid these common mistakes while writing blog post titles.

Here is the list:

  1. Don’t write click bait titles
  2. Make sure your primary keyword is included. – (Suggestion: Use SemRush)
  3. Do not write incomplete titles and confuse the reader
  4. Too long – Too boring, keep it short and sweet
  5. Don’t make any gramatical or spellign errors. – (Suggestion: Use Grammarly)

Get 80+ Blog Post Title Templates

Copy paste these templates for writing viral blog post titles every time!


I hope this length article has helped you to learn to write catchy blog post titles.

Do implement these steps on your blog post title and analyze the results.

I am sure you will see an improvement in the open rates.

If you have any questions use the comment form below.

If you need an explanation on certain topic or you would like to share your ideas join our BloggingWand V.I.P group on Facebook.


Happy Blogging πŸ™‚

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