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Email marketing is one of the top tools a blogger uses.

It helps you collect an audience that is interested in you and your blog.

This helps you market your products and blog.

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However email marketing is not easy. It has its own demerits.

To be sure that you are following the best email marketing practices follow this guide and we will go through each point step by step.

These email marketing practices for 2019 are a collection of my own experiences in email marketing and how I have learned through my mistakes.

So let’s go through them step by step and learn the best email marketing practices.

25 Best Email Marketing Practices

Here I present to you the best email marketing practices that I have personally used. It includes mistakes that I made and have suffered to a great deal.

Email marketing is all about pleasing your reader and providing them with valuable content.

A small mistake and BAM! that lead will unsubscribe from your list. Which means you have lost an important lead that could have converted into a paying customer.

So make sure you follow the best email marketing practices to the word.

Let’s start !

1. Chose The Best Email Marketing Tool

Email Marketing is all about the tool you use.

So make sure you use the best !

I have used over 3 email marketing tools and all of them have some problem or the other.

After wasting my time I finally found the perfect fit for me and for other bloggers.

Get Response is the ideal email marketing tool for bloggers.

I say this because it is affordable yet packed with powerful features.

FREE 30 Days Trial – Get Response

Get Response offers you 30 days FREE Trial to help you get started.

Here are some of the top reasons why I recommend Get Response!

✔️ Send Unlimited Emails

✔️ Affordable pricing based on the number of leads

✔️ Build landing pages for FREE

✔️ Email Marketing Automation

✔️ Build custom funnels

The list can go on … but it will be much easier if you try it for yourself.

Sign up for Get Response and try it for 30 days for FREE (no card required)

2. Avoid The Spam Tab

The biggest threat to an email marketer is that his emails land in the spam box.

An email that no one bothers to read and hence has no impact on your audience.

Beware of trigger words that categorize the email as SPAM.

Here is a list,

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These words act as a SPAM trigger and do not make it to the main inbox.

So limit the use of these words for the best email marketing practice.


You can use this website: https://litmus.com/gmail-tabs

This website determines the chances of which tab your email is sent to.

3. Self Check Your Emails

Before you send out your email to your list, send a test copy to your email id.

Many top tier email marketing tools like Get Response provide you with this feature.

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Once the email is received make sure the following things are checked:

  1. Spell Check – Use Grammarly
  2. The purpose of the email is met
  3. Outbound links are working

4. Use Double Opt In

A double opt in a confirmation email sent to the contact before he is added on your email list

This ensures the details of the contact are correct and the contact is reachable.

Secondly this gives you enough reasons to believe that the contact is interested in your work.

Use double opt ins to prevent fake sign ups and create an email list that is interested in your work.

This is an unsaid important email marketing practice that every influencer follows.

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5. Place Unsubscribe Link In Your Emails

Emails with no unsubscribe links in their emails are often sent to the SPAM folder.

But this is not the main reason why you should insert unsubscribe link in your email.

If the contact is thinking about unsubscribing from your list, that contact is probably of no good use for you. The contact won’t convert nor add any value to your email list.

Also email marketing tools like Get Response charge your account for the number of contacts you have. So its very important you have the most relevant contacts in your list.

The best place to insert Unsubscribe link is in the footer of the email.

This ensures maximum exposure to the email content.

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While this might hurt your email marketing campaign, its an vital step in the field of email marketing.

In the long term this is what will help you move forward.

6. Get Started With List Segmentation

Email list segmentation is the second most powerful email marketing strategy.

It helps you send targeted interest related emails to specific contacts.

Here is how segmentation helps your email campaign,

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As you can see you increase your important email marketing metrics by a huge margin. The most important of all Conversions increase by a whopping 7.82%.

Email list segmentation is a very vast subject. and requires a bit of explanation.

To get started with list segmentation i recommend you read this article:

How To Get Started With Email List Segmentation

7. Use Email Automation

Email automation is the key to a successful email marketing campaign.

A smart email automation can really help you make your dream of a passive income come true.

Our course Learn ABC Of Blogging is a great example of an email automation.

It sends out 10 emails every day containing my lessons. This is an example of a simple automation.

Here is an example of a complicated automation,

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There are various ways you can use email automation. You actually have to get hands on experience to completely understand email automation.

Get started with a 30 days trial with Get Response to try out email automation.

8. Don’t Oversell – Biggest Turn Off

What if a sales man keeps knocking your door to sell his products.

Once or twice you show interest in his products.

But if he keeps selling, at a point of time you will push him away.

Don’t be that sales man.

Connect with the audience, ask them for suggestions.

Have a dialogue with them. Invite them for live sessions.

Help them answer their questions and provide quality content in your emails.

Don’t keep pushing them with your products, it will push away your contacts.

9. Focus On Your Welcome Email

Why should you focus on your “Welcome Email”?

Have a look at my email automation report after sending a few hundred emails 😉

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As you can clearly see my “Welcome Email” has the highest Open Rate and Click Rate.

So its very important that you welcome your contacts with an engaging email.

The email automation automatically sends a “Welcome Email” after they have subscribed to my FREE blogging course.

Make sure your “Welcome Email” has the following points:

  • Your story as a blogger
  • Link to the most important blog posts
  • What will the future emails contain
  • When can they expect to hear from you again
  • Benefits of them joining your email address
  • Ways of contacting you

10. Do Not use noreply@example.com

Besides the fact that this could lead your email in the spam folder, this email doesn’t increase the engagement percentage.

Contacts looking to ask questions or give you suggestions aren’t able to do so with the noreply@example.com email address

Instead make it a bit personal use email addresses like: name@example.com or hello@example.com

These email address help you showcase a welcoming nature and helps you build an engaging audience.

11. Do Not Stop Growing Your Email List

Assuming you got a 1000 subscribers and you are very happy.

But don’t be for too long.

Because according to statistics, an email list can lose upto 25% subscribers every year on an average.

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Besides this, the click through rates on an average is 2.75%.

Which means even after sending a 1000 mails, you can manage to convert only 28 of them.

So do not be happy with your email list ever. Keep trying and keep growing.

To help you grow your email list use Get Response.

With 24X7 support you are assured of being on the right side of the road always.

12. Use Personalization

Nothing gets more attention then your own name.

So make sure you collect the first name at least of the contact, so that when it’s time to email them, you can address them using their email.

Every email can be personalized using shortcodes. For example, Get Response uses [[firstname]] as a shortcode for the first name.

So when I want the email to contain the first name I simply type in the short code and voila all emails are sent with the first name in it.

Here is an example,

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The [[firstname]] short code will be replaced by the contacts first name used via signing up.

BONUS: You can use the short codes in your subject lines to personalize it. This increases the open rate by over 50%.

13. A/B Test Email Subject Lines

Subject lines are shown in the notifications.

That is what makes the contact open your emails.

So its very important you analyze which type of subject line works for you.

You can use a concept called A/B testing where you send out 2 newsletters with the same content but having different subject lines.

The subject line which generates the higher Open Rate and Click Rate use it. Try and replicate it the next time you write an email subject line.

14. Use Popups – Best Way Of Increasing Leads

The single best way of increasing your email list.

Show your readers the right popup at the right time and on the right page can really boost your email list numbers.

The ALL IN ONE POP UP plugin for WordPress is Convert Pro

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Awesome Features Of Convert Pro:

  • Drag n Drop Customization
  • Ready-to-use Templates
  • Advanced Triggers to Display Timely Messages
  • Advanced A/B Testing
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Responsive Designs for All Users
  • Affordable pricing

There are many pop up plugins in the market!

Here is a side by side comparison of all the other popup plugins against Convert Pro,

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15. Use Facebook Ads For A Boost

Facebook ads can help you give the initial boost that your email marketing needs.

Target the right audience a lucrative offer like a free eBook or a course you have made.

Keep running the ads till the time your email list starts growing organically.

Once you have gathered your email list, you can then start sending them targeted emails to turn them into paying customers.

16. Send Emails At The Right Time

Sending out emails at the right time can be very beneficial. Open rates, click rates go up significantly.

According to statistics, here are the best days to send emails to your list.

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To save time from analyzing which time works and doesn’t work here Get Response has a unique feature called Perfect Timing.

What it does is it send out emails according to each individual contact. This increases the open rates and hence the conversion rates.

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Try out the Perfect Timing feature from Get Response – Click Here To Get 30 Days FREE

17. Set Up Landing Pages

Use landing pages to attract your new leads.

Showcase your work in detail and give them enough reasons so that they sign up using their email address.

Landing pages can be tough to build.

But with Get Response you get access to hundreds of FREE landing page template.

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Simply choose the right template for you, edit the content and within minutes you have a high converting landing page at your disposal.

Get access to all these templates for free.

How to Write Newsletters that Get Opened Read and Clicked – FREE EBOOK

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The Get Response Team has written a wonderful eBook on how to write the perfect newsletter that gets opened, read and clicked.


These are 17 best email marketing practices that I personally follow.

To help me with email marketing Get Response has been really helpful. I would recommend every blogger, e-commerce store to use Get Response as their email marketing tool.

Do let me know if this post helped you widen your email marketing knowledge.

Leave you comments below with your unfiltered views 🙂

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    Email marketing is something that I need to do. I have not taken time to set it up at all. I just added a landing page and I am glad that I did. Next is the email marketing movement.

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    This is the most informative post I have read on the subject! I appreciate you really being detailed And sharing so many great tips!

  3. I just started playing around with the email marketing and IT’S HARD! Thanks for this post, it helps clarify things for people like me, beginners. Definitely saving this to revisit and try more of your tips.

    1. That’s great!! It surely it. The price at first pinches but with time as your email list grows it generates an insane amount of revenue. All the very best 🙂

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  7. I am new to email marketing and trying to learn by reading such detailed guides. I have to say that you have narrated this topic with so many visuals, that it is actually become easy to understand the entire process. Thanks a lot for putting so much hard work and educating people through your blog. Keep up the good work.

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