About Tanmay Kapse

Hello pepz,
I am Tanmay Kapse, your host and also the author to this promising blog.

A 23 year old blogger from Mumbai, India.

Blogging has totally changed my life.It has helped me aquire so many new skill sets to my armour. Because of blogging I can now photoshop, code HTML and Wordpress Themes.Blogging has helped me learn social media marketing which helps me push affiliate products.

I am a commercial pilot who happens to blog and code while being pretty good at it ;) The main reason to start this blog was to define a fixed path to an income generating blog.While starting a blog is easy but taking it to a level where it makes a difference in this universe of internet is a big task.

Why You Should Trust Me?

While I surely do not claim to be an expert or a certified personnel, I surely have the most important asset, EXPERIENCE

I have over 10+ Years experience in the field of hardcore blogging.I have spent these 10 years learning from the best and applying them.And now after 10 years I feel I am finally ready to share my tips with my own twist.

Being a Pilot is all about multi-tasking and being 100% error free.These values are as important to blogging as they are in the sky for me.I would love to show how a blog is managed through a pilot's eyes.

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