5 Lessons Flying Planes Has Taught Me In Blogging

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Welcome to BloggingWand!

This is my first post here, and sure as hell, it will be interesting to read.

Why do you ask?

So in this post, I will be combining my story of being a pilot and having a passion for blogging. I am a commercial pilot who has been trained to fly an A320 aircraft. If you think about it aviation and blogging are two completely different worlds.

What if I told you, NO! Will you be surprised? Even if you are not you should be :p

So I will be detailing everything right from my journey of being a pilot and what can bloggers like me and you can learn from it.

So this your Capt. Tanmay speaking to hold tight and fasten your seat belts because this ride is going to be an exciting one.

How I Became A Commercial Pilot

Everyone has someone to look up to for motivation. In my growing, up years I had my aunt (my mothers younger sister) and my uncle who I fondly call Maushi and Kaka (Marathi version of aunt and uncle). I grew up seeing their friends coming home hearing about aviation, visiting their flying clubs more often than not.

Flying instantly connected with me and by 8th grade I had decided I will choose to be a Pilot as my profession.

Easier said than done! Being a commercial pilot is expensive. Almost 30 lakhs rupees just for the training. It was going to be tough.

I am from a middle-class family and a proud son of my single supermom. We had a lot of problems domestically in the house so all that I had was my mom and her side of the family. We got through the hurdle of finance through loans and support form my aunt.

Sure I had failures to face, but my family and my best school friend Parvez stood behind me like solid support. Meanwhile, I met a girl, became friends and we connected. And now in 2019, we will be completing 5 years of being in a relationship.

With such strong support, I was able to successfully complete my pilot training. It was time I seek a job in a well-established airline.

With God’s grace and my mother’s love, I have successfully got a job. At this point of time, M I am still in the process of induction, so it won’t be right on my part to disclose anything. But soon I will update this page and let everyone know 🙂

My Life As A Pilot

In general, the life of a Pilot is full of fame and money. To a certain extent it is true we are well paid and respected in the eyes of the general public.

But as the saying goes “All That Glitters Is Not Gold.”

We have a huge responsibility of approximate 300 people in our hands. Even a slight mistake can endanger a huge number of lives. Pilots are stressed, but they are well trained to handle this stress and perform to their level best.

So, in conclusion, we are beaten up by circumstances and yet we conquer those and rise above the adversities.

Having these experiences have taught me a lot and a few skills that can be adapted in blogging as well.

5 Lessons I Learnt From Flying Planes In Blogging

As discussed above my life as a pilot is challenging at every instant and requires me to be at my best at all times.

Having experienced the thrill of flying I have learned 5 lessons in blogging that are directly related to me flying planes.

Here I explain all the lessons in depth.

So do give it a read and leave a review below,

LESSON #1: Be Super Focused

In flying, there are so many tasks we have to complete. But every task, every step we take is calculated and focused on the immediate goals.

Likewise in blogging, there are various niches, various ways to market and many distractions to steer you away from your initial goal.

So the key to becoming a successful blogger is FOCUS!

Select the niche you are very passionate about. Focus on that one niche and dominate the sh*t out of it!

See what marketing works for you and focus on it rather than running behind what others are doing and trying to that. Do your own experiments and analyze your results. This way you are sure of what works and does not work and then you can solely concentrate on those methods.

LESSON #2: Communication Is The Key

It’s not always safe sailing when you are in the sky. There are times when there are emergencies and appropriate actions have to be taken.

In such critical situations, communication becomes very important. Communication is important because not all tasks can be done by one individual, the load should be shared. Apart from this, important decisions are taken after consulting each other.

So to interpret this for bloggers, it would mean that we should communicate within our blogging communities. Seek help from the already established bloggers. At the same time be ready to help those in need.

Email the popular blogs with your ideas or you can suggest an improvement in their blogs. You can contribute to their website by sending them high-quality guest posts.

The key is to communicate and establish a clear path. This helps you, the popular blog and the readers. Overall it helps the entire community to thrive.

Thus communication just like in the cockpit it is essential in the blogging world.

LESSON #3: Work Hard – Everyday

I as a pilot has to be prepared every single minute I am in the cockpit for there could be so many problems that could come my way. Bad weather, engine failure, pressurization failure and so many incidents that cannot be truly accounted for.

The only way to be ready to face these situations is to be ready. To be ready I have to work hard every single day. Even a day’s absence in revising my emergency checklists it could cost me precious time in the cockpit. This could endanger the lives of my passengers.

For bloggers, it’s essential they are working hard every day to spread their brand and create quality content. Even a single day of laziness means giving other bloggers a chance to gain that no.1 spot in the Google search page.

Work hard every single day to make your content visible to as many as possible.

LESSON #4 Never Stop Learning

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With technology aviation as a whole keeps on changing. Even an experienced pilot with 1000’s of hours can agree to the fact that there is still a whole lot to learn.

With every leap in technology, a pilot needs to be updated with the latest information. The Aircraft Manual is one such book. It contains so much information and reading it multiple times isn’t enough at times.

And how this applies to blog is that blogging is a vast field and every blogger has his own ways of being successful at it. So if you think you have mastered the art of email list building, do a simple google search and read the top articles, you will be surprised at the things you would have just learned.

So never stop learning because the day you stop learning is the day you stop growing.

LESSON #5 Patience Is A Virtue

Patience is a virtue by which pilots spend their entire lives. It takes time to finish documentation, to get medicals done so on and so forth.

Similarly, bloggers have to be patient with results. No formula or so-called Guru can turn a blog into an overnight money vending system.

It takes time to establish your blog as a brand. As a result, it will take some time to top the Google rankings. But the wait is worth it.

Surely there are black hat SEO methods to gain that initial boost. But google algorithms are getting smarter by the day. So fooling the system won’t work for you for the long term.

Work hard and have the patience for the results to show.


So these are the fives lessons that I learned while flying planes and then implementing them for blogging.

If I had to put these words in a single paragraph for bloggers, I would say it in this manner,

Be super focused in your niche while you communicate with your visitors and influencers of your niche. Work hard every day and keep learning every day while being patient for the fruits you deserve

Make sure you note these down for further notices and have them implemented in real life.

This is Tanmay Kapse signing off !!

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2 thoughts on “5 Lessons Flying Planes Has Taught Me In Blogging”

  1. Great share, Tanmay. Your mom is indeed a supermom and strong women (like all the moms in this world.) By becoming what you achieved in your mind, you’ve already put yourself miles ahead of others.

    I hope this venture of yours grows like anything and flies as high as you’d fly an airplane.

    Feel amazing to connect with you 🙂

    Shafi Khan

    1. I can’t thank you enough for your comment. Genuine comments like yours really keep me motivated and help me do better for the community.
      And surely we will be in touch.
      Cheers mate 🙂

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