Edit Your WordPress Theme’s CSS Without Learning How To Code Using CSS Hero

If you’re not familiar with that three-letter acronym in the post title, CSS is a coding language that makes it easy to style every aspect of how your WordPress site looks. It’s immensely powerful and lets you customize your site to a level that no theme or plugin options panel can match…

But there’s always been one problem with using CSS to edit your WordPress site:

It’s not accessible to casual users because it requires specialized coding knowledge. And even if you do have some of that knowledge, it can still take up too much time if you’re not a CSS guru.

CSS Hero is a WordPress plugin that solves both those pain points.

It gives you a simple, beginner-friendly interface where you can quickly edit every single element on your site.

If you’re a casual user, you can stick to the graphical interface where you’ll be able to apply styles using simple dropdowns and color pickers – no actual CSS knowledge required. And if you’re a developer, you can also take advantage of the in-dashboard code editor to quickly apply your own tweaks as well.

In my CSS Hero tutorial and review, I’ll first show you how you can use CSS Hero to customize your WordPress theme (and plugins!). Then, I’ll give you some of my own thoughts on the plugin at the end.

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